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The former national memorial on Berlin’s Schlossfreiheit is recreated as a structure within the memorial’s external spatial boundaries, orientated toward the former Royal Palace. Glass colonnades surround an urban square overarched in the evening hours by a roof of light.
Instead of a personified historical centre a space is created as a living being: Rays of light are reflected by minute particles of dust and water moving thermally in the wind, thus creating a “living” roof of white light, the ongoing physical experience of which produces a feeling of infinite bliss, vastness and joy in every visitor.
structural glazing engineer: Holger Techen, imagine structure, Frankfurt


1985 was an international anniversary year:
Frankfurt celebrated the 400th anniversary of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. And on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the birthdays of J. S. Bach and G. F. Händel, and the 100th anniversary of the birthday of Alban Berg, the Council of Europe proclaimed the “European Year of Music”.
Frankfurt high-rises during this period signified banks. The objective of this light space is to make the high-rises into the “corner pillars” of a space artwork. Its solitaire symbolism merges with the name of the city of Frankfurt and its tradition of celebrating special cultural events with a light space.

In the process multiple reflections of rays of light transform the city into a work of art similar to Moholy-Nagy’s Light- Space-Modulator. A light ballet consisting of walls of light – a response to the space-defining fireworks during imperial coronations in 16th –18th- century Frankfurt, to Frankfurt as the site of trade fairs, stock exchanges and banks, and to the “European Year of Music 1985”.
lighting engineer: Bartenbach LichtLabor, Innsbruck
sound space: Josef Anton Riedl, München
engineering: IFFT, Petar Reich, Frankfurt
sponsor: Deutsche Bank Frankfurt, DG Bank Frankfurt, Landeszentralbank Frankfurt (Deutsche Bundesbank)


a New Tahrir Square Cairo
competition 3rd prize

National Monument  Berlin

survey  400th anniversary Frankfurt stock exchange
in cooperation with Architekten Berghof Landes Rang, Frankfurt

Light.Anamorphosis .Frankfurt
Luminale Frankfurt 2010 
with Paolo Buroni, STARK, Cagli/ Italien