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The Hauptwache square in Frankfurt, unlike any other place in the city, compresses past and present and expands into future – a place of contrasts: commerce impinges on spirituality, boundaries are dissolved.
Light.Anamorphosis.Frankfurt makes the conflicting sides of the square shine in the colour RECTANGULAR RED. At the same time this RECTANGULAR RED is geometrically transformed into the colour
AMORPHOUS WHITE in the centre of the square – just as though the AMORPHOUS WHITE were transformed by an invisible source of light into a shadow and image of RECTANGULAR RED, a geometrical transformation through anamorphosis.

For the first time ever, this square was not a thoroughfare, but a place where people arrange to get together on the “treasure” AMORPHOUS WHITE. The static RED glow of the houses together with the moving and shifting WHITE glow of the light shadows in the middle of the square merged with its visitors into a social sculpture.
sponsor: Mainova, traffiQ, SRM, Allianz Frankfurt, Galeria Kaufhof Frankfurt, Sportarena Frankfurt, Soka Bau, Sterlepper, Prange Düsseldorf, Citibank Frankfurt, Cafe Hauptwache, Wormland, Leiser, Esprit, Frankfurter Sparkasse, Commerzbank Frankfurt, Frankfurt Municipality
light art award „Licht! Kunst! Effizienz!“, 2010


Licht.Anamorphose .Frankfurt
Luminale Frankfurt 2010   
mit Paolo Buroni, STARK, Cagli/ Italien