Luminale Luminale
Frankfurt Roof of Light
The centre of Frankfurt consists of individual neighbourhoods that are isolated and separate and are unrelated to ea ch other. Created for the 2006 and 2008 Luminale, the Frankfurt roof of light builds a bridge between these places and town centres as a spatial continuum, and shelters Frankfurt below it. It forms the space over the city, makes it possible for us to expe rience it as a spatial dimension and expands the perception of the city into the dimension of the sky that connects everything.
sponsor 2006:
A&O Lighting Technology Bremen, Deutsche Bahn Frankfurt, Frankfurt Municipality
sponsor 2008:
A&O Lighting Tec hnology Bremen, Galeria Kaufhof Frankfurt, Frankfurt municipality

Light Space Loreley
From its source to its delta, the Rhine River has carved a bed into the plateau of the upper Central Rhine Valley creating a landscape celebrated in songs and poems. Light brings to life the primeval plain by connecting the two present-day edges of the valley. In the space between the valley's edges, a "river of light" is created, a mirror of the present-day Rhine River. The Loreley and Katz Castle now become a surreal object in the light space.
The light space and the Loreley are experienced as two characters that enhance and complement each other comparable to the Japanese rock garden in Kyoto, Ryoan-ji: in a demarcated space one experiences rocks as part of a whole.

light tent
Light Tent Frankfurt
The centre of Frankfurt along the Main River consists of high - rise zones, sculptural places that are isolated in themselves and are vaguely connected by the course of the river. A light tent above the course of the Main River becomes the city's spatial backbone and the space of its development along the Main. The space between the high - rise zones is a connecting a nd sheltering light space similar to that described by Joseph Rykwert in his On Adam's House in Paradise The Idea of The Primitive Hut, New York, 1972.

Frankfurt Roof of Light
Luminale Frankfurt, 2006

Frankfurt Roof of Light
Luminale Frankfurt, 2008

Light Space Loreley
feasibility study

Light Tent Frankfurt
feasibility study Luminale 2016